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Prager 20170404 – 2 Get Them Out of Here

Prager H2: The President is being sued for saying “get them out of here” to protestors during his campaign. The depressing thing is that a judge ruled the suit could go forward. Will it shock anyone that the judge was appointed by the previous President… Susan Rice requested the “unmasking” of American citizens from raw intelligence during transition. This is a potential bombshell. Will the media run with it? Or bury it?… What are the culture roots of all this rage we’ve seen on college campuses… Dennis talks to historian, Charles Leerhsen, who teaches the latest PragerU course, “Calling Good People Racist Isn’t New: the Case of Ty Cobb.”… PETA says that milk is a symbol of white supremacy.

Prager 20170404 – 1 We Love Donald Trump

Prager H1: Dennis’s Uber driver today was from Nigeria. He told Dennis that Nigerians love Donald Trump. Why? He wants to fight Islamist terror… CNN instructs viewers to ignore the Susan Rice “unmasking” story… Dennis talks to Tom Tradup, Salem VP, about the work Food the Poor is doing in Central America… The President extends a hand of friendship to the leader of Egypt. The NY Times is appalled… Mercedes and Hyundai pull out of Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox. Allegations of sexual impropriety (never proved) are enough now.

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