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Prager 20170619 – 3 Georgia District

Tomorrow there is a big election in Georgia. The Democrats are very anxious for a win. Right now, the race is rated as even… The news media no longer reports news, they state opinions. And their opinion is that Trump must go… The President is doing a lot of good things, almost every day.

Prager 20170619 – 2 No Fathers

Being a father is now culturally controversial… The US shoots down a Syrian jet… Another car attack in London. This time it looks like Muslims were the target… A US destroyer collided with a container ship off waters in Japan, or was it rammed? Seven sailors were killed… Are the defenders of the President as vicious as his attackers – like Kathy Griffin.

Prager 20170619 – 1 Megyn and Alex

Megyn Kelly had the controversial, conspiracy theory media figure, Alex Jones, on her new show last night. Why did she think he was worth her attention? The answer is to make him the face of conservativism… The media is engaged in its own conspiracy: that the President conspired with the Russians to rig the election… BBC writes a grotesque headline re: a murder of an Israeli in Jerusalem.

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