Prager 20170629 – 1 What Is Fake News?

Dennis talks to best-selling author, screenwriter, social critic and popular podcaster, Andrew Klavan, about his new PragerU video, “What Is Fake News?”… The President made an indiscreet tweet this morning about an MSNBC host. He shouldn’t have done it. But better a foolish tweet, than foolish policies…

Prager 20170628 – 3 Lying Liars

A reporter accuses the President of “inflaming” the public against the news media at a White House Press Briefing. The media is just doing its job. Seriously?… Dennis reads a list of insulting adjectives about the President from Charles Blow of the New York Times… Dennis talks to Sebastian Gorka, intelligence analyst, deputy assistant to the President and a member of the National Security Advisory Staff.

Prager 20170628 – 1 Whither Repeal and Replace?

Mitch McConnell has postponed a vote on the Senate’s Repeal and Replace plan. Are the Republicans going to get this done?… Illinois is becoming the Venezuela of the United States. It can’t pay its bills…

Prager 20170627 – 2 22 Million

Dennis talks to Betsy McCaughey, senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and former Lt Governor of New York. The topic is: Repeal and Replace. … Corruption cripples Mexico and most of Central and South America… Republicans need to take two-thirds of a loaf and pass their Repeal and Replace bill.

Prager 20170627 – 1 Fake CNN

Three senior people at CNN’s “investigative unit” resigned (were fired) because they fabricated another phony Trump Russia story… Still another CNN producer admits that the Trump/Russia collusion narrative is a witch hunt… Do most Europeans oppose a wall to keep migrants out of Europe?

Prager 20170626 – 3 JFK

Dennis talks to Larry Elder, his friend and fellow talk show host. Larry teaches the latest course for PragerU — JFK: Democrat or Republican?… The number of refugees admitted to the US is down by half since Donald Trump has taken office… NYT columnist Maureen Dowd tries to figure out why the President keeps winning.

Prager 20170626 – 2 Where Terror?

Is there as much “terror” from the “right wing” groups as there is from Islamist terror attacks? The NY Times seems to think so, but their own data doesn’t support their position…Dennis continues his discussion of California’s boycott of Texas. Texans should respond… The Senate Repeal and Replace bill is a major advance.

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