Prager 20170831 – 3 Disney Princess

Disney allows a little boy to dress as a Disney princess when his mother complains… What if Democrats don’t gain significant ground in next year’s congressional elections? Will the party go left or right? The answer should be obvious… Dennis talks to Allen about PragerU. Today is the last day of the August fundraising PragerU campaign.

Prager 20170831 – 2 James Damore

Dennis talks to James Damore, until recently a software engineer at Google. He wrote a memo in which he made the case that men and women are different. For this he was fired… Dennis talks to Jessie Leach, a political science major at U. of Wyoming.

Prager 20170831 – 1 One in Five

A dean at Fordham University screened a PragerU video. His job is now in jeopardy. The video, “Is in 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?” caused female students to explode in angry and tears… Goodbye Columbus Day in Los Angeles. Hello, Indigenous People Day. More pointless Leftist posturing.

Prager 20170830 – 3 Hugs and Kisses

CNN indicts the President for not showering Texans with hugs and kisses… Kathy Griffin retracts her apology to the President. She’s okay with her severed-head gag now… Al Sharpton is praised as a moral giant. Al Sharpton?

Prager 20170830 – 1 More Houston

Houston remains largely underwater. The size of the disaster is hard to grasp… Dennis talks to Alexander Ioannidis, a student at U of Tennessee, Chattanooga. He started college as a socialist and now he’s a capitalist thanks to PragerU… Dennis talks to Robert Jeffress senior pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas and Fox News contributor. His new book is A Place Called Heaven: 10 Surprising Truths about Your Eternal Home.

Prager 20170829 – 2 Fighting Statues

The Left doesn’t fight evil. It never has. It fights lesser evils or they make up evils to fight. The latest evil is statues… Fordham U shows a PragerU video and brings its female students to tears – of anger.

Prager 20170829 – 1 Houston

Dennis talks to Dr. Beau Briese, an emergency room physician in Houston… Dennis talks to Debbie D’Souza, political activist and native Venezuelan. She teaches the newest course from PragerU, “How’s Socialism Doing in Venezuela?”

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