Prager 20170824 – 3 Off the Shoulder

High school boys in California protest the girls’ dress code… The UN reprimands the US for racism… University of Virginia student organizations want the statues of Thomas Jefferson taken down. Didn’t the NY Times mock the President for suggesting this would happen?

Prager 20170824 – 2 Embarrassed

Rabbis of the Reform and Conservative movements will boycott the traditional Rosh Hashanah call with the President. They’re upset with Charlottesville. But, really, they’re Democrats who despise Donald Trump… Leftism has been most dominant religion in the last century… Dennis talks to Ann Scovil, corporate accountant and PragerU donor.

Prager 20170824 – 1 Unhinged

The new charge against the President by the media is that he’s mentally unstable, “unhinged.” Why? Because he has the temerity to take on the media. So, who’s really unhinged? It’s not the President… Who has better character? Donald Trump or Barack Obama?

Prager 20170823 – 3 Pathology of Self Pity

The media tells lies about the President. Dennis catches one of the lies… Dennis talks to Andy Puzder, until recently the CEO of CKE Restaurants owners of Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s. He teaches the new PragerU video, “Who Does the $15 Minimum Wage Help?”

Prager 20170823 – 1 Robert Lee Minus E

An ESPN sportscaster name Robert Lee has been benched. He won’t be allowed to broadcast a game from Charlottesville, VA. Why? Because his name is very similar to Robert E. Lee. You know, the Confederate general who died nearly 150 years ago…

Prager 20170822 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: What Is Racism?

Racism used to have a clear definition – the view that one race is inherently superior or inferior to another. Now people toss it around without any idea what it really means. There are serious consequences to this.

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