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Prager 20171002 – 3 Moment of Silence

The President took had National Moment of Silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, Dennis continues to discuss the events and motivations surrounding this latest tragedy. He also addresses the kneeling situation around the NFL this past weekend.

Prager 20171002 – 2 A Presidential Message

The President’s response to the massacre in Las Vegas was full of compassion and wisdom… Dennis talks to his friend and fellow talk show host, Michael Medved, about Las Vegas… Why don’t we ask if these mass murderers go to church on Sunday? How many mass murderers are regular church goers? These questions are just as relevant as questions about more gun control.

Prager 20171002 – 1 Death in Vegas

58 people have been murdered by a single gunman in Las Vegas. This is the greatest mass murder in American history, breaking a grim record set last year… We always want to know why these senseless murders happen. But usually the answer is unsatisfactory and unsatisfying. Sometimes people do senseless things… Dennis talks to Mary O’Grady, columnist for WSJ who specializes in the Caribbean, Latin and South America. The topic is Puerto Rico and the federal response to the hurricane.

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