Prager 20180327 – 2 PragerU Wins by Losing

The judge rules against PragerU in its lawsuit against YouTube, but declares YouTube’s claim that it is a neutral and open forum to be mere “puffery.” …For most of American history there were very few gun laws and very few murders. Now we have lots of gun laws and lots of murders. Like everything else, it’s a matter of values… Dennis talks to Wyatt Ruiz, PragerFORCE member at Cal State Northridge.

Prager 20180327 – 1 Murder in Paris

An 85-year-old woman who survived the Holocaust was murdered by two Muslim neighbors. Paris authorities have trouble admitting the religion of the victim and the murderers… The District Court in Northern California has ruled against PragerU, but the judge makes a startling admission.

Prager 20180326 – 3 Non-Disclosure

Two issues dominated the news this weekend – Stormy and Students… How many people know that Stormy’s lawyer was a Democratic operative?… Dennis talks to Steve Robinson and Matt Krieger, LAPD reserve officers.

Prager 20180326 – 2 More Storms

Dennis plays clips from the Stormy Daniels interview… The Left doesn’t care about gun control; they care about using this issue to get more power… The “leaders” of the student gun control have been fully indoctrinated…

Prager 20180326 – 1 Stormy

Last night “60 Minutes” aired the long-anticipated Stormy Daniels interview. It was not a great moment for Western Civilization, let’s just put it that way. The ratings, of course, were very high… This weekend was also the big national march for gun control. Another not great moment… Dennis talks to Conor Bidinger, a PragerFORCE student at Venice High School in Los Angeles

Prager 20180323 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: should you pay kids to watch PragerU videos; if you renounce your faith under torture, will God forgive you; do Conservatives need to speak out about their conservatism and their support for the President.

Prager 20180323 – 1 Back from Oz

Dennis returns from Australia… The motives of the Austin bomber remain a total mystery… John Bolton has been as national security advisor. This is a great appointment. The Left is full “the sky is falling” mode…

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