Prager 20180228 – 3 Laughing Stock

A small college in Iowa bans the conservative student group TP USA. They’re declared as hateful and bigoted. What else? The rot goes deep… Harvard Professor, Steven Pinker, declares that higher education is becoming a laughing stock… Rebekah Mercer writes beautiful statement of conservatism.

Prager 20180228 – 1 Billy Graham

Billy Graham’s is only the fourth civilian to “lie in honor” at the US Capitol. It’s an honor richly deserved… Why does God permit evil in the world?… If you’re a minority, should you consider yourself a victim?

Prager 20180227 — 2 Straw Man

The Governor of Washington tells the President that he’s talked to biology teachers, and first graders, and they don’t want guns in class rooms, also that it takes too long to train teachers to handle firearms. The Left insists on getting wisdom from children. Kids say the darndest things, but they aren’t a good source for wisdom. The Left has gotten rid of most of the gun laws that deter violent crimes, in favor of shorter prison sentences, but still want to ban guns.

Prager 20180227 – 1 The Last Straw

The city of Malibu, CA has approved legislation that will ban plastic straws later this year. The Sheriff in Florida claims he did an “amazing” job, Dennis questions his statement based on the facts. The number of down syndrome children in Iceland is dwindling because of abortions.

Prager 20180226 – NRA Boycott

A number of companies have severed their association with the NRA. Why? Once again this idea that big business is conservative is a farce… Dennis talks to Douglas Murray, senior editor of the The Spectator, a fellow at the Gatestone Institute and author of The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.

Prager 20180226 – FISA Warrant

Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor and senior editor for National Review. The topic is the “Schiff memo.”

Prager 20180226 – Warning Signs

How many warnings did the authorities have to receive before they took action on the Parkland killer? What happened to “see something, say something”?

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