Prager 20180131 – 1 SOTU, Part 3

Dennis now analyzes the speech of Congressman Joseph Kennedy, Democrat, MA. His empty, Strawman, non-sequitur rhetoric typifies the Left’s thinking.

Prager 20180131 – 1 SOTU, Part 1

Dennis reviews the President’s State of the Union speech. But as worthy as the President’s speech was, Joseph Kennedy’s rebuttal was, in many ways, more significant. It reveals precisely how the Left thinks… Dennis talks to Hugh Hewitt, radio and TV host.

Prager 20180130 – 2 Wahoo

The Cleveland Indians are dropping their Chief Wahoo logo. The Diversity and inclusion crowd said he had to go… How long before they drop the name “Indians” altogether…. The Left doesn’t fight real evil, they fight insignias and logos and statues… Dennis suggests some possible new mascots for the Cleveland Indians.

Prager 20180130 – 1 Memo

Republicans vote to release their memo on malfeasance at the FBI and Justice Dept. Democrats are besides themselves with righteousness. They are desperate to defend the Justice Dept and the FBI which the Obama Administration politicized… If you don’t agree with the Left’s policy prescriptions for Global Warming you are now a “science denier.”… Do you tip an iPad?

Prager 20180129 – 3 Jordan Peterson

Dennis talks to Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the U. of Toronto. His new book is 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. This is the number one best-selling book on Amazon. He also teaches the latest video for Prager University… Dennis also talks to James O’Keefe, Founder of Project Veritas, His new book is American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News.

Prager 20180129 – 2 Jay Zuperficial

Jay Z, worth $800 million, tells CNN that money doesn’t matter. So, according the rapper, the fact that black unemployment is down because of the President’s economic policies, doesn’t mean anything…. The WH requested a Van Gogh from the Guggenheim Museum. The museum offered a golden toilet instead.

Prager 20180129 – 1 Trump Praise

Dennis’s commentary last Thursday praising the President was printed verbatim by Breitbart and went viral over the weekend… Grammy’s were predictably political. Ratings cratered maybe the lowest ever…

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