Prager 20180126 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Caller disagrees with Dennis that Caitlyn Jenner should be called a woman; an English professor reports back to Dennis on the success of using Prager U videos in her curriculum; was Hitler a Christian; what images come to your mind when you listen to classical music; the American dream is alive and well, but under attack; questions previous caller on Christianity.

Prager 20180126 – 2 Happiness Hour: Envy

The topic is envy as an obstacle to happiness. When envy includes resentment of what another has, it must lead to unhappiness. But if all it does is lead to self-improvement it can actually add to one’s happiness.

Prager 20180126 – 1 Will It Fly?

The President might propose citizenship for the so-called “dreamers.” It would happen after a decade and with many conditions. This would be in exchange for a wall and many changes to immigration rules. Will this fly with the “moderates”? Will it fly it with hardliners? Will it fly?… Was the President going to fire Robert Mueller? Who cares? It might not fake news. But it’s certainly non-news… Who investigates the investigators?

Prager 20180125 – 3 More than Reagan

The Heritage Foundation finds that President Trump has been more conservative than President Reagan in his first year… Should science serve social justice or truth? There’s an academic movement that seeks to promote the former over the latter.

Prager 20180125 – 2 Not Super

The NFL will not permit a non-partisan veterans group to run an ad in the Super Bowl program imploring everyone to stand for the National Anthem… There have been multiple hoax hate-crime scares in the last year. But the hoaxers never suffer any consequences… Dennis talks to Adam Carolla, comedian and host of the world’s most popular podcast.

Prager 20180125 – 1 Misdirection

Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former Federal prosecutor and senior editor at National Review. Topics include: shielding Obama from Hillary’s email scandal, the Mueller investigation and the texts.

Prager 20180124 – 3 Trump Economy

Will half the people who are benefiting from the Trump tax cut and all the bonuses that have flowed from it now vote for the President in the next election? And what about tax cuts for the rich? Seems like the middle class is truly benefiting… The media is very selective about its “scandals.”

Prager 20180124 – 1 Borders

The US has to get control of its borders or it’s not a nation. The Left, since Marx, has never been interested in borders – just the opposite… What was going on at the FBI re: candidate and then President Trump? Can you imagine if a Republican Administration lost 50,000 text messages? Disney and Starbucks are offering bonuses to their employees thanks to the Trump tax reform.

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