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Prager 20180111 – 3 No Scholarship

Dennis talks to William Treadgold, professor of Byzantine Studies at St. Louis University. He describes the current state of academic scholarship at the university today. It’s a race, gender class wasteland… The Left compares Trump to Hitler with ever-growing ease. But they rarely give examples to prove their argument and if they do, they’re absurd.

Prager 20180111 – 2 Gun Nuts

In California now, if you use a gun in the commission of a crime, you don’t receive an extra penalty. Do you think this will increase or decrease gun use by criminals?… Dennis talks to James O’Keefe, Founder and President of Project Veritas. James’ new expose reveals Twitter’s clear bias against conservatives.

Prager 20180111 – 1 Sexual Battery

If you get slap someone on the buttocks that’s now sexual battery. And the victim is a survivor. We are in the midst of a new “sexual harassment” hysteria. There’s a serious core to this hysteria, but it’s very quickly gone way too far… Dennis’s debate with a leader of a left-wing Jewish organization and his speech to U. of Wyoming students have both been restricted by YouTube.

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