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Prager 20180511 – 3 Justice

We are releasing criminals who need to stay in jail. Innocent people will suffer… Bob’s daughter is seriously thinking about attending Hillsdale. He’s visited the campus. It’s an amazing place. It’s not just an ad on the Dennis Prager Show… Bob describes the Twitter war he’s engaged in with Senator Sherrod Brown’s wife. The topic is abortion vs. adoption.

Prager 20180511 – 2 Lot to Happy About

There’s a lot to be happy about. Here’s one: Republican candidates are rejecting political correctness. Here’s another one: we captured five ISIS leaders in the last week. And let’s not forget this: three Americans were released from N Korea. There’s a lot more good news where this comes from – the President and his administration.

Prager 20180511 – 1 Gina Haspel

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… The President’s nominee for the head of CIA, Gina Haspel, has been pilloried by the Democrats in the Senate. Even some Republicans aren’t sure yeses. John McCain and Jeff Flake are two. Will she get confirmed?… The President said he would shred the Iran deal and he did. Yet another campaign promise kept… The President can be rough on some people – the Bush family is one example.

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