Dennis Prager 20181221 – 1 American Privilege

Dennis sat next to a Saudi national on his flight home from Florida. The Saudi had a better appreciation and understanding of America than the editors of the NY Times… We didn’t earn our citizenship, contends a NYTimes columnist, so who are we deny entry to the US to anyone?… How exactly do the Democrats demonstrate their concern for border security? The President’s advisor Stephen Miller challenges Wolf Blitzer.

Dennis Prager 20181220 – 3 Deadly

Dennis talks to Max Eden, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. The topic is the Trump Administration’s roll back of Obama’s race-based school discipline rules. Those rules played a big role in the Parkland school massacre… Dennis talks to David Bahnsen, investment advisor and frequent guest on Fox Business and CNBC. His new book is Crisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame and How You Can Cure It.

Dennis Prager 20181220 – 2 Only the Lonely

There is an epidemic of loneliness in the United States, according to recent studies. It’s particularly acute around the Christmas season. What are its causes? Dennis has theories. So do callers.

Dennis Prager 20181220 – 1 Reason for Optimism

Dennis spoke to 4000 students yesterday at TPUSA’s annual gathering in Florida. The students’ enthusiasm and the growth of TPUSA along with PragerU is a true reason for optimism. This generation of college students now, thanks to PragerU, TPUSA and others, have way to hear “the other side,” a conservative view… Dennis talks to Yoram Hazony, the author of The Virtue of Nationalism. He teaches the new PragerU course, “Why You Should be a Nationalist.”

Dennis Prager 20181220 – 3 Injustice

What was the judge in the Michael Flynn case thinking when he suggested that the three star general might have “sold out” his country?… Dennis talks to Frank Luntz, political consultant and social commentator.

Dennis Prager 20181220 – 1 Modern Art

A radical leftist is about to take over the direction of the National Gallery in Washington, DC. She vows to make it transform it. She wants to make it a more political which, of course, means leftist. How sad… If you think race determines who a person is, then you’re a racist.

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