Dennis Prager 20190131 – 3 ROGD

There’s a new radical fad. It’s called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Girls are coming home from college with mustaches and with breasts cut-off. Liberal and Leftist parents are shocked. The topper: the schools pay for the hormone therapy and the surgery.

Dennis Prager 20190131 – 2 Real Sexual Abuse

American women don’t appreciate how good they have it. Dennis reads an obit about a Korean woman who was kidnapped by the Japanese and used as a sex slave during the second world war… People are not basically good. They need good values to become good… An American Catholic Cardinal says that a border wall is immoral…

Dennis Prager 20190131 – 1 Hatred of the Man

Michael Bloomberg will probably not run for President because, by Bloomberg’s own admission, the Democrat Party is too Leftist. But he will dedicate his life to defeating Donald Trump. So a radical Democrat can take over? How does that make sense, Mike?… Virginia’s Democratic governor justifies late term abortions… The Left: the government should never tell a woman what to do with her body. The Right: the government has an interest protecting the individual in her body.

Dennis Prager 20190130 – 3 Abortion Maximum

Third trimester abortion is making a comeback. In New York, New Hampshire and soon perhaps Virginia, you can have an abortion and kill the baby a day before birth, if you choose… Jimmy Kimmel mocks the President’s satiric Global Warming tweet. The idea of course was to make a fool of the President, but Kimmel makes a fool of himself instead – not uncommon… Kamala Harris wants to end private health insurance – completely.

Dennis Prager 20190130 – 1 Mary Jane

With marijuana fast becoming a legal substance, Dennis wonders if his listeners have seen any effects. Are family and/or friends using it more? Has it changed them in any way?

Dennis Prager 20190129 – 1 Independent

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, announces that he’s thinking about running for President as an independent. He’s immediately slammed by Dems… Spotify bans PragerU from advertising on its site… Dennis talks to Electoral College scholar Tara Ross. The Left’s effort to destroy the Electoral College is making progress in states now controlled by Democrats.

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