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Dennis Prager 20190802 – 3 Open Lines

For his birthday, Dennis chooses the bumpers, and per usual, callers set the agenda. Dennis is joined by PragerForce member, Grace Chung, a freshman at Azuza Pacific University.

Dennis Prager 20190802 – 2 Happiness Hour: Open Lines

On his birthday Dennis opens the lines for your Happiness questions: separating yourself from people who bring you down will help you to be happy; gratitude is fundamental to one’s happiness; I share the same birthday as you, that makes me happy; your singing along to the happiness theme, brings me happiness; people are packages, remembering that is a key to happiness. A blast from the past calls in thank Dennis for his influence on her life.

Dennis Prager 20190802 – 1 Genesis 1, Apollo 8

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and on December 24, 1968 the astronauts aboard Apollo 8 transmitted that verse from the heavens to the earth. Dennis contends that this wouldn’t happen today and that America was a better America then. Dennis pose the question to you, what would help to make America great again?

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