Dennis Prager 20191018 – 1 Big D

President Trump held a massive rally in Dallas last night and addressed the Left’s attack on religious freedom…. Dennis takes on the old adage that we have much more in common than we disagree on. We do have things in common, but not where it matters… The American Left despises this country; one does not wish to fundamentally transform something that one loves.

Dennis Prager 20191017 – 3 Turkey Day

President Trump celebrates ‘great day for civilization’ as Vic e-President Pence and Secretary Pompeo secure a cease-fire agreement in Syria.

Women have been told they “don’t need a man,” that women are superior to men, and that sex differences have no

basis in biology. None of that is true. Suzanne Venker Co-author of Women Who Win at Love joins the program.

Dennis Prager 20191017 – 2 Cowardice Gold

Corporations seem to be in a race to be the most politically correct and cowardly as possible. Dennis discusses WSJ’s latest column from Jason Riley, California and New York Show the Ugly Face of ‘Progress.’

Dennis Prager 20191017 – 1 Be a Boss

Air Canada is doing away with ‘ladies and gentlemen’ on flights, Citibank is teaching little girls to be angry, and James O’Keefe – President of Project Veritas says: “CNN has made a conscious decision to focus almost exclusively on the impeachment of President Trump at the expense of covering legitimate news around the world.”

Dennis Prager 20191016 – 3 Dem Debate 4, Part 3

Dennis continues to deconstruct the debate last night… All the candidates want to repeal the Trump tax cuts. All the candidates want to raises taxes on the wealthy to the point of wealth confiscation. It didn’t work in Europe. It won’t work here.

Dennis Prager 20191016 – 2 Dem Debate 4, Part 2

The Dems have made Big Pharma a big villain. But Big Pharma has saved millions of lives… The Dems want unrestricted abortion rights. Is that the majority view in the country?… Of all the candidates who is the most demagogic? Tough call.

Dennis Prager 20191016 – 1 Dem Debate 4, Part 1

Dennis does heroic work, going through the entire debate 32K word transcript, to deconstruct Dem Debate #4… The only difference between the candidates seems to be who wants to keep a private option for health insurance and who wants to nationalize it. Warren and Sanders are in the latter category.

Dennis Prager 20191015 – 2 Resistance

Dennis talks to Kimberley Strassel, columnist for the WSJ and member of the editorial board. Her new book, out today, is Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America.

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