Dennis Prager 20191004 – 1 Look China

The President says that China might want to look into Hunter Biden’s billion-dollar investment deal. And, surprise, the Left goes berserk. The Dems are living in a permanent state of hysteria. The President is unconventional, but what did he say that was wrong? Didn’t the Dems spent two years investigating him? Didn’t they pressure foreign governments to produce information against him?

Dennis Prager 20191003 – 2 No Confidence

How is it possible for a president have a confidential conversation with a foreign leader now? Talk about shattering Constitution norms. It’s the Democrats who are doing that, not Trump… Dennis talks to Burgess Owens, Super Bowl champion and successful entrepreneur. He teaches the newest PragerU video, Why I Don’t Want and Don’t Deserve Reparations.

Dennis Prager 20191003 – 1 Conservatism

Dennis talks to Jim DeMint, former Senator from South Carolina; now chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute. His new book is Conservative: Knowing What to Keep… Another nutrition myth exploded. A new study says there are no negative side effects to eating meat. This reverses decades of “settled science.” The vegans and environmentalists want this science suppressed.

Dennis Prager 20191002 – 3 Not Worthy

You can’t get any more Left than Nation magazine, but to its credit it published a piece that makes the obvious argument: a single, unremarkable phone call to the Ukranian president is not worthy of an impeachment charge… How can you extort someone who doesn’t know he’s being extorted… There was another race hoax, following initial media hysteria… Dennis talks to Alex Marlowe, editor-in-chief of The LAPD has announced they are going to boycott the website.

Dennis Prager 20191002 – 1 Darkness at Noon

Some very bad trends are working their way through our culture. They are coming from the Left: identity politics, gender confusion, global warming panic and so on… Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff race ahead with their impeachment “inquiry.” The President counters in his unique way.

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