Dennis Prager 20200602 – 3 TDS

Democrats blame anything and everything on the President. The mayor Chicago publicly announces that what she wants to say to the President begins with an “f” and ends in “u.”… Coronavirus is rare and bad; police brutality is rare and bad; mass hysteria is worse than both.

Dennis Prager 20200602 – 2 Lock You Down

Dem governors and mayors love to lock you down — first over the virus and then over riots… The government’s first job is to protect its citizens. It’s failing… Dennis talks to video journalist, Ami Horowitz. He was in Minneapolis this weekend. Most of the protestors he talked to supported the rioters and looters.

Dennis Prager 20200602 – 1 Retreat

We are retreating in face of evil, not advancing against it. This is all created and enabled and sustained by the Left… The Left makes assertions of racism, but they don’t offer proof; they assert it, so it must be true… The default position for most people is cowardice…

Dennis Prager 20200601 – 3 What Are You Protesting?

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Do “the protestors” know what they are protesting for? That’s almost a comical question. They have no idea… What does “no justice, no peace” mean? Certainly, justice is being done to the officer involved, but we have no peace.

Dennis Prager 20200601 – 2 Cut and Dried

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Is there another side to the George Floyd story? There are some gaps in the narrative… Overstating the problem of police racism, makes real debate impossible… Mark talks to John Hinderaker, founder and editor of and president of the Center of the American Experiment. He’s based in Minneapolis.

Dennis Prager 20200601 – 1 Streets on Fire

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The officer involved in the George Floyd incident was immediately fired and charged with murder. No one has ignored the apparent injustice. So, why the riots?… Hollywood is putting up money to bail out he rioters.

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