Dennis Prager 20201203 – 3 In Memoriam

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Mark pays tribute to the great Walter Williams. He passed away yesterday. He should have been celebrated as one of the nation’s premiere economists. But he was conservative and black, so he didn’t get the attention he deserved. His work, including two PragerU videos, will live on.

Dennis Prager 20201203 – 2 Tantrum

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The focus needs to be on the Georgia races. Even if there is a threat of fraud, Republicans in Georgia must go to the polls. The future of the country is on the the line. No time for tantrums, principled or otherwise.

Dennis Prager 20201203 – 1 Proving It

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Was there massive fraud on election day and after? Yes, probably. Sure looks like it. But has Rudy and his team been able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt in court? Doesn’t look like they have… We have a to win those Georgia senate races…

Dennis Prager 20201202 – 3 Florida Fan

Florida Gov. Rick DeSantis shows the right way to lead a state. Florida schools remain open. Masks are not mandated. California is just the opposite because its governor is a scaredy cat… Hewlett-Packard is moving from California to Texas. This is symbolically significant. HP was the company that “made” Silicon Valley… Dennis talks to Wilfred Riley, Assoc. Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State U. He presents the newest PragerU video, “What’s Wrong with The 1619 Project?”

Dennis Prager 20201202 – 1 Dehumanization

Wearing a mask has psychological consequences — the dehumanization of the wearer. How long will it go on? Fauci says we should wear masks long after the vaccines become available. Are masks going to become a permanent feature of American life?

Dennis Prager 20201201 – 2 Tribute

Dennis pays tribute to his close friend of many years, scholarand brilliant political scientist, Bruce Herschensohn… Many young people are so afraid of Global Warming that they’re not having children. That’s a good thing…

Dennis Prager 20201201 – 1 Low, Lower, Lowest

The New York Times sinks to a new low — an op-ed comparing the Trump campaign’s effort to prove that there was massive vote fraud to the Germans not accepting that they lost WWI… The top nuclear scientist in Iran was killed in a daring raid straight out of a spy thriller. Israelis are assumed responsible… Brown University students want to tear down statues of Caesar and Augustus… Dennis talks to Dr. Beau Briese, an emergency room physician in Houston, TX.

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