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Dennis Prager 20210825 – 3 Hang Fire

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis and takes your calls. Topics include: the California recall and the likely fraud that will ensue; questions about the Pfizer vaccine, let’s amend never let a crisis go to waste to… never let a crisis go; Lester Holt will interview a Capitol Police officer from Jan. 6th, will this ever end; 2nd Timothy “they will not endure sound doctrine”; hope for the CA recall; Antony Blinken’s live address on Afghanistan withdrawl.

Dennis Prager 20210825 – 2 Rock And A Hard Place

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis and takes your calls. Topics include: COV-spiracies; the Afghanistan debacle; the Trumpian DeSantis; a clueless President Biden is better than Kamala Harris in charge; we don’t need weak Republicans, we need strong Conservatives; prepare thyself for gender preferred pronouns.

Dennis Prager 20210825 – 1 Undercover Of The Night

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… This has been a great two weeks for the bad actors of the world. This includes the Taliban, of course, but every other terrorist group in the world as well. China, Iran and N Korea are also feeling good. They know they have nothing to fear from the Biden Administration. The world is now less safe than it was eight months ago.

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