Dennis Prager 20210803 – 2 Broken Families

Who is blame for family estrangement? According to NY Times readers, it’s Donald Trump. The word for this is deranged… Is Simone Biles “heroic” for bowing out of most of her Olympic events?… Dennis talks to Jonathan Koeppel. PragerU Young Professional. He teaches Spanish in Louisiana… In NYC you have to show proof of vaccination to go to a restaurant, gym or Broadway show.

Dennis Prager 20210803 – 1 Western Civ

Dennis laments the decline of classical music appreciation. It’s not being taught or defended. Who explains to kids what is beautiful and enduring?… Dennis talks to Arthur Herman, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. His new book is The Viking Heart: How Scandinavians Conquered the World

Dennis Prager 20210802 – 3 Your Feelings

You can’t make social policy based on someone’s feeling. You can’t make social policy based on the question only “will more people die?”…Dennis talks to Don Brown, former U.S. Navy JAG Officer and author of 15 books, including “Call Sign Extortion 17: The Shoot-Down of SEAL Team Six,” the 2015 nonfiction military exposé on which the “Fallen Angel” documentary is based.

Dennis Prager 20210802 – 2 Root, Root

The TV ratings for the Olympics are way down. There are a number of reasons, but one is that many US athletes are using the platform to make political statements — always about how bad America is… There was a senseless murder in California over the weekend in a movie theatre. Why do a percentage of humanity have no conscience… Dennis talks to Taylor Hoppes, a young mom who loves PragerU. Wants to see her 2-year-old grow up in the world PragerU envisions, not the world the Left envisions

Dennis Prager 20210802 – 1 The Science

Science has become badly corrupted by politics. The constant flow of misinformation about the Covid crisis has made this clear… The AMA no longer wants hospitals to designate male or female on birth certificates. The baby might change her mind later. This is “the science” crowd…

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