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Dennis Prager 20210930 – 3 Debt Bomb

The Democrats are leading us over the financial cliff… Dennis talks to Bjorn Lomborg, Founder and President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution. Green energy can’t power the world. Sorry, but that’s just a fact.

Dennis Prager 20210930 – 2 Trillions

Dennis talks Dan Henninger, columnist for the WSJ and member of the editorial board. Will the Democrats succeed in passing their multi-trillion-dollar spending bills?… Here’s the corporate media rule on hot button issues: the Left can say anything; the Right can say nothing. God endorsing vaccines for Covid (so says NY governor) is a good example.

Dennis Prager 20210930 – 1 Melbourne Surge

Despite the severe lockdown, Covid cases are surging in Melbourne, Australia. Could it be that lockdowns and masks don’t work? Just asking… New York’s governor knows what God thinks about the vaccine… Dennis talks to Brian Keating, professor of astrophysics at UC San Diego. His new book is Into the Impossible: Think Like a Nobel Prize Winner: Lessons from Laureates to Stoke Curiosity, Spur Collaboration, and Ignite Imagination in Your Life and Career.

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