Dennis Prager 20211021 – 3 Miss Me Yet?

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The former President accomplished so much good while fighting against a Snake Pit Media who hated everything he did. The current President has already done so much bad while being serenaded by the My Pony Media who ignore his every fault. Has there ever been such a glaring example of double standards?

Dennis Prager 20211021 – 2 Bended Knee

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Biden was supposed to return “our standing in the world.” He has returned it alright. We’re back on our knees. Everywhere you look, we look weaker… Mark returns to the school board issue. It’s having a big impact on the VA governor’s race…

Dennis Prager 20211021 – 1 Don’t You Dare

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The Biden Administration wants to intimidate parents from confronting school board members. Can you imagine a greater violation of free speech rights?

Dennis Prager 20211020 – 3 Living Life

Dennis decided not to live fear from the early days of the Covid crisis. The Left has decided to live in the opposite way… Dennis talks Alfredo Ortiz, President of Job Creators Network. The Biden Administration is crushing small business.

Dennis Prager 20211020 – 1 Gone, Covid, Gone

Dennis has now tested negative for Covid. Meanwhile, the Left continues to mock him for promoting the value of therapeutics… Courage is the only antidote to Leftist totalitarianism… Dennis talks Justin Folk, documentary film director. He directed No Safe Spaces and most recently for PragerU, a new mini-doc, Trading Up: Our Case For Trade Schools.

Dennis Prager 20211019 – 2 Vilified

Not being afraid of the virus and saying so makes you a target for ridicule. The Left’s motto used to be “question authority.” Now you’re vilified by the Left if you do so…Dennis talks to Laurie Cardoza-Moore, conservative activist, and founder of Preserving Justice to the Nations. Her cause now is fighting CRT and its cousin, anti-Semitism, in American schools.

Dennis Prager 20211019 – 1 Twitter Storm

Dennis’s announcement yesterday that he has Covid and is recovering through the use of therapeutics generated a serious Twitter storm… Dennis talks to Andy Puzder, Fox News economics analyst, former CEO of Carl’s Jr restaurants, and popular presenter of PragerU videos. His newest is ESG: Woke to Broke.

Dennis Prager 20211018 – 3 San Fransicko

Dennis talks to Michael Schellenberger, Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment,” Green Book Award winner, and the founder and president of Environmental Progress. His new book is San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities. He also presents two popular PragerU videos: Do We Have to Destroy the Earth to Save It? And, Nuclear Energy: Abundant, Clean, and Safe.

Dennis Prager 20211018 – 2 Therapeutics

Dennis reflects of his Covid experience… Everyone should be doing what they can to protect themselves from catching the virus. That includes vaccines, of course, but also therapeutics.

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