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Dennis Prager 20211108 – 3 Worst City

What is the worst city in America? And how have the Democrats ruined it?… Destructive, pathological hatred comes only from the Left. Has any Republican said to a parent, you can’t see your grandchildren because you voted for Biden?… Why are we forcing healthy young military people to take the vaccine?

Dennis Prager 20211108 – 2 Isaac’s Wells

The second Hebrew patriarch dug successful wells to get water for himself and his flocks. Instead of trying to dig their own wells, the envious Philistines destroyed Isaac’s wells instead. This is what the Left does. They destroy. They never build… Dennis returns to the Where’s Gavin Newsom question… Philadelphia has been destroyed by the Democrats.

Dennis Prager 20211108 – 1 Vax LA

Restaurants in Los Angeles have to deal with one more burden — checking that patrons have been vax. How many customers just won’t show up?… Why is Gavin Newsom? He’s disappeared for 12 days. It just so happens that he got his booster shot 12 days ago. Coincidence? We don’t know because no one is talking… Dennis talks to Steve Moore, economist with FreedomWorks, a free market think tank. The topic is the so-called infrastructure bill.

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