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Dennis Prager 20211209 – 3 Right Side Up

Dennis has just returned to Los Angeles after a trip to Florida. There he heard the expression “Make America Florida.” It’s a good line… Los Angeles is in the grip of a new crime wave…Dennis talks to Dan Henninger, columnist for the WSJ and member of the editorial board. Roe v Wade is about more than only abortion.

Dennis Prager 20211209 – 2 Damaged Kids

The Los Angeles Times wants kids to get more counselling to deal with their insecurities. How about liberating them from masks and Covid panic… Dennis talks to Robert Agostinelli, a member of the board of National Review Institute, and its former chairman. His Catholic high school has gone woke.

Dennis Prager 20211209 – 1 No Christmas

The great doctor Fauci says you should require all your relatives to prove they have been vaccinated or no Christmas gathering for them… Progressive DA’s tell their constituents that there is no crime problem. Who are you going to believe your local DA or your lying eyes?… Columbia U. defunds its police force and a student is murdered just off campus. Now they demand more funding.

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