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Dennis Prager 20220606 – 3 Cardiac Arrest

A new study from Israel sees a rise in heart problems in young people who have been vaccinated… Bees are now fish, according to a California court. Hey, if men can give birth… Are you a Bumblephobe?… In WA police won’t pursue offenders in a car chase. Not surprisingly, bad actors are not stopping when cops want to pull them over.

Dennis Prager 20220606 – 2 Transgender Cheerleaders

The Carolina Panthers will have a transgender cheerleader. No doubt fans have been demanding it… Pizza Hut joins the Corporate Woke. Time to help them go corporate broke… Dennis talks to Melissa Lantsman, Conservative Member of Parliament in Canada. She’s been fighting Justin Trudeau’s Covid diktats and supported the Canadian trucker protests.

Dennis Prager 20220606 – 1 What’s Changed?

We have always had a lot of guns. Until recently crime was down. Shootings were down. Now they’re up. Could social breakdown (software) be more important than hardware (guns)?… The Washington Post publishes an expose of “White Christian Nationalism.” The writers say these Christians worship violence. The writers’ explanation? Christians favor the death penalty… Why do prominent leftists like Hollywood stars travel with armed guards?

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