Dennis Prager 20220603 – 1 Lifer Murders Five

In Texas a convicted murderer who had been sentenced to life imprisonment escapes and murders a family of five. Had he been executed; these innocent people would be alive… FDA will not let American doctors prescribe any well-established, generic drug that may curb Covid. It’s the vaccine, a new, expensive therapeutic or nothing.

Dennis Prager 20220602 – 3 Mask Madness

Callers react to Dennis’s interview with Naomi Wolf. They have their own stories of mask and vaccine madness… If liberals vote for leftist politicians, aren’t they really leftists? Dennis draws an important distinction.

Dennis Prager 20220602 – 2 The Bodies of Others

Dennis talks to Naomi Wolf, noted feminist and best-selling author. Her new book is The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and the War Against the Human. Her website is

Dennis Prager 20220602 – 1 Studies Show

And “Experts Say.” Or “Follow the Science.” Democrats hear these terms and stop thinking. It’s no longer necessary… 17 liberal/leftist Nobel Winners in Economics told us not to worry about inflation.

Dennis Prager 20220601 – 3 Race to the Bottom

Columnists at the major newspapers compete with each other as to which one can say the most foolish things each week. This week’s winner is LZ Granderson at the LA Times, a man who despises the country that has showered him with advantages… Good intentions are worthless… Where do people get wisdom? From experience yes, but also from traditions that have proven themselves over time.

Dennis Prager 20220601 – 1 Anger at Reality

Leftism is angry at reality. They strive to live in a controlled fantasy world. That means they have to control the narrative. But reality always intrudes… The gun issue is ultimately a control issue… A woman in W Virginia saves untold lives when she shoots a man who had opened fire on a graduation party. Of course, the story is not widely reported. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

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