Dennis Prager 20220831 – 3 Attacking Dennis

Twitter trolls have worked up a storm attacking Dennis for his column this week. The column is entitled “Women Are Disproportionately Hurting Our Country.” Naturally, Twitter feminists went nuts. But did any of Dennis’s critics read what he wrote?…

Dennis Prager 20220831 – 1 Dissent Is Patriotic

This was a phrase that was very popular liberal slogan during the George W Bush administration. But liberals didn’t mean it. Dissent is patriotic only if the dissenters are on the Left… In California if a doctor disagrees with medical orthodoxy on Covid treatment (or anything else), he can now lose his license.

Dennis Prager 20220830 – 2 US Closed

Novak Djokovic, the greatest tennis player in the world, can’t get into the US to play in the US Open because he refuses to be vaccinated. This is a national embarrassment… Dennis talks to PragerForce member, high school student Madison Posadas.

Dennis Prager 20220830 – 1 My Favorite Words

Dennis reviews his favorite words in the English language. He explains why they mean so much to him. “Like” and “earn” are two. Callers have their own lists.

Dennis Prager 20220829 – 3 Rookie Card

A Mickey Mantle Rookie Card sold for over $12 million. Dennis’s brother once had that card — until mom threw it out… Canada is spending $100 million to support the 2SLGBTQIA+ community… Secular + Affluence = Boredom leads to Leftism.. Dennis talks to Xaviaer DuRousseau, PragerForce member. He has a dramatic transformation story.

Dennis Prager 20220829 – 2 Political Prisoner

Dennis talks to Jon Mellis, a January 6 political prisoner who is in jail in Washington, DC. He has been in jail for 19 months and has never had a bail hearing, let alone a trial. Isn’t this in clear violation of Bill of Rights — the right to a speedy trial and the prohibition against unreasonable bail?

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