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Dennis Prager 20220815 – 3 Don’t Despair

It’s easy to despair. And there’s a lot to despair about. But you must resist the temptation to give in to it. What’s your choice? Your choice is to fight… The Environmentalists are determined to make life more difficult for everyone, except themselves. They want to destroy the world fossil fuels have made possible… If you make people feel like victims, some “victims” will feel free to take their revenge: rob, steal, cheat.

Dennis Prager 20220815 – 2 Monkey Business

Once again, the government won’t tell us the truth about a public health crisis: monkey pox. Ninety-eight percent of the people effected by the disease are gay men, but, according to media and government reports, it’s not a “gay issue.”… Dennis talks to Sebastian Gorka, former advisor to President Trump and host of the Sebastian Gorka Show about the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Dennis Prager 20220815 – 1 Rushdie Attacked

Novelist Salman Rushdie was brutally attacked by a Muslim extremist… The Left and Islamists have a lot of common… If the Covid crisis proved anything it’s that many Americans want to be told what to do. They prefer security to freedom. This is a disturbing development… UCLA Law School is tracking organizations that oppose CRT… Dennis talks to Pattie Barrett, member of the PragerU advisory board.

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