Dennis Prager 20230428 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: you never mention humor in your happiness book or hour; why is no one counteracting the pro-choice agenda; the lust in the heart argument from Matthew 5, you lie regarding Pragertopia, that it is commercial free; do you understand the New Testament DOES NOT REQUIRE a Sabbath; you say sports is the only place merit lives; the devolution of the dress code at work.

Dennis Prager 20230428 – 1 School Daze

The case for sending your kid to a public school is getting weaker and weaker as the schools continue to push their woke nonsense on students. The case for homeschooling, in contrast, is getting stronger and stronger. Callers weigh in.

Dennis Prager 20230427 – 3 Gender-Affirming Scare

Julie Hartman fills in as Dennis rushes to catch a flight to Phoenix… The Biden Administration is obsessed with “gender-affirming care,” a made-up term. Do people really believe children can confidently define themselves?… We live in an era of great injustice. The issue is not racism. The issue is protecting children.

Dennis Prager 20230427 – 2 More Tucker

Tucker Carlson made his first public statement yesterday. He was oblique about his future plans but was clear that he will make his voice heard… Parents have been placed in a terrible position. They now have to worry that their local public school is warping their child’s mind.

Dennis Prager 20230427 – 1 Profs for Freedom

One hundred Harvard professors have united to protect freedom of speech. This is good news, That it needs to be done is bad news… No more “boys” and “girls” in a Vermont school district. Why would any parent keep their kid in these schools?

Dennis Prager 20230426 – 3 Love for Pets

Dennis’s beloved dog, Otto, died this weekend. He was featured in PragerU childrens’ books and on Dennis’s Fireside Chat. Dennis reflects on why humans so love their pets. Callers have their own thoughts.

Dennis Prager 20230426 – 1 Whither Tucker?

We can only speculate about the reasons why Fox fired Tucker Carlson, their most popular host. Tucker has not made any comments about the dismissal and neither has Fox. The best theory: Tucker refused to be controlled by management. He was too much his own man… A British man runs as a woman and — surprise — wins. As a man, “she’s” an also ran (pun intended)… Dennis talks to Mary Harrington, columnist for UnHeard, a British publication. Her new book is Feminism against Progress.

Dennis Prager 20230425 – 2 Vivek for President

Dennis talks to Vivek Ramaswamy, candidate for the Republican nomination for President and tech entrepreneur. His new book is Capitalist Punishment: How Wall Street Is Using Your Money to Create a Country You Didn’t Vote For… Dennis talks to Joseph Forneiri, professor of political science at Rochester Institute of Technology. He presents the new PragerU video this week, part of our Presidents Series. Zachary Taylor: The President Who Might Have Prevented the Civil War.

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