Dennis Prager 20230331 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual callers, set the agenda. Issues raised include: does every generation rise to the fight evil: can two members of same sex actually be “married.” Dennis talks to Emily Ariens, PragerForce member from Australia.

Dennis Prager 20230331 – 1 Indictment

Donald Trump has been indicted by the NYC DA, Alvin Bragg. The ostensible charge is a campaign violation, but the real reason for the indictment is entirely political. We have entered banana republic territory…

Dennis Prager 20230330 – 3 Axis of Evil

Dennis talks to Michael Doran, Senior Fellow at the Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East at the Hudson Institute. The topic is the Iran, China, and Russia alliance and what it means to the US and Israel… Dennis returns to naked dinners in NYC… A politician’s policies and values are more important than his personality.

Dennis Prager 20230330 – 2 Naked Lunch

New York women are getting together to have dinner — naked. Would they admit a transgender?… Chicago will choose a new mayor next week. Both candidates are on the left, but one, backed by the teachers union, is more left than the other… Dennis talks to Olivia Rutowski, a PragerForce college student in Buffalo, NY.

Dennis Prager 20230330 – 1 Transanger

It’s understandable that those who identify as transgender harbor anger. They will never be fully accepted by society. They are pretending to be a sex they’re not… The President meddles in Israel’s internal affairs. He wants a left-wing government there — and everywhere

Dennis Prager 20230329 – 3 Multiple Truths

In Ontario, Canada 2+2=whatever you want it to. Shockingly, math proficiency is in decline in the province. The left destroys everything it touches. Math is no exception… Dennis talks to Leo Sellarole, PragerForce member and student at Liberty College.

Dennis Prager 20230329 – 1 Murderer and Victim

The left is in the process of turning the Nashville Catholic school murderer into a victim. The killer pretended to be a man. That makes her a de facto victim, no matter how horrible the crime she committed.

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