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Dennis Prager 20230316 – 3 AG NY Drag Queen

The Attorney General of New York State is hosting a Drag Queen Story hour for children. And people still vote Democrat?… The newest distinction the left wants to erase: male and female… Dennis talks to Cynthia Hughes, founder of Patriot Freedom Project, an effort to help Jan 6 political prisoners. Her new book is Due Process Denied: The Detained – The Families – The Fallout.

Dennis Prager 20230316 – 2 Fire in Crowded Theatre

That is what the left does: shout “fire” in the crowded theatre of life. They do it over and over: global warming, systemic racism, transphobia — whatever. Green teen, Greta Thunberg, predicted that the world would end if we don’t stop using fossil fuels by 2023 is a specific example. She has since deleted the tweet. Why?… Dennis talks to Sage Brooks, paid ads specialist for PragerU. She tells her fascinating personal story and how she found her way to PragerU.

Dennis Prager 20230316 – 1 The End of Time

Time Magazine celebrates its 100th anniversary. It’s a long way from its glory days. Now it’s just another Leftist mouthpiece… Yet another race hoax. This time in Sacramento. The hoax phenomena proves how little racism there is in America… Dennis talks to Eyal Carlin, Commissioner of North America for the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

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