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Dennis Prager 20230308 – 3 Modern Iraq

Julie Hartman sits in for Dennis… Julie surveys the long and tortured history of America’s involvement in Iraq, spanning the administrations of both Bush, the elder, and Bush, the younger.  It’s a mixed bag of lofty ambitions, stunning liberations and naive miscalculations.

Dennis Prager 20230308 – 2 Smoke and Mirrors

Julie Hartman sits in for Dennis. 21 states have legalized recreational marijuana since 2012 and teen mental health problems have been on the rise in the same period. The 40,000 hours of surveillance footage held from the public, has raised some interesting facts about January 6th. Many of us are sick of this and want to avoid it but we cannot…
the media has lied about it and exploited it for political gain. Whatever it was, it was not a “deadly insurrection” as the legacy media so carefully described it… truth is not a left-wing value. It never has been.

Dennis Prager 20230308 – 1 Dragon Teeth

Julie Hartman sits in for Dennis. Arguably the most consequential topic of our time – our relations with China. Monday Xi Jinping bluntly rebuked the US, saying that there’s a Washington led campaign to suppress China: “Western countries – led by the US – have implemented all round containment, encirclement, and suppression against us, bringing unprecedentedly severe challenges to our country’s development.” Julie examines the growing conflict.

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