Dennis Prager 20230323 – 3 Snowflakes

Dennis interviews Amber Athey, Washington Editor for The Spectator, the host of the Unfit to Print podcast. Her new book is The Snowflakes’ Revolt: How Woke Millennials Hijacked American Media. Liberals melt down after TYT’s Ana Kasparian blasts ‘birthing person’ and called the trans ‘inclusive’ language ‘degrading.’

Dennis Prager 20230323 – 2 The Best and Worst Ideas

Los Angeles Unified School District announces schools will remain closed for third day amid teacher strike. Dennis analyzes an LA Times editorial: Bills intended to shame and scare transgender students are despicable. Ryan Bowdre, PragerFORCE member, joins the show and provides some hope for the future.

Dennis Prager 20230323 – 1 Going Soviet

The pending farce indictment of Donald Trump confirms a recent Prager revelation: the distance between American leftism and Soviet communism is not all that wide. Dennis explains… a Colorado city wants to limit number of gas stations. They’re trying to save the planet.

Dennis Prager 20230322 – 3 Women of the Year

Men who pretend to be women are now regularly being named “Woman of the Year.” Isn’t this a deep insult to women?… Why do those on the left have such faith in the “wisdom” of young people? Since when did young people become wise?

Dennis Prager 20230322 – 1 Of Two Minds

Dennis reflects on difficult times in which we live. On the hand, things looks bleak, especially when so much suffering is so unnecessary. On the other hand, we are blessed to live in this country at this time. When in history is life not a struggle between good and evil?… Dennis talks to Elijah Nixey-Paton, PragerFORCE Member in the United Kingdom.

Dennis Prager 20230321 – 2 Shark Skin

The San Jose Sharks went full woke last week to celebrate “gender diversity.” Why is a hockey team concerned with “gender diversity?” The team’s goalie rebels. Not surprisingly, he’s religious.

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