Dennis Prager 20230328 – 2 C.H.P.

AOC released a doozy two days ago railing against “cisgender heteronormative patriarchy.” Dennis talks to Eugene Kontorovich, professor law at George Mason. The topic is the Israel Supreme Court controversy.

Dennis Prager 20230328 – 1 Nashville Shooter

Another terrible school shooting took place in Nashville yesterday. A woman who calls herself a man murdered six people, including three small children. The legacy media like the NY Times twisted itself into knots trying not to “misgender” the killer… Dennis talks to Avery Puls, PragerForce high school student.

Dennis Prager 20230227 – 3 Government Run

Can you name any government organization that works over the long run? Sure, they might work at the beginning, but over time, they stop working. It’s the nature of government bureaucracy. In the UK people have had to pull their own teeth because they couldn’t get a dental appointment.

Dennis Prager 20230227 – 2 Heroine

Dennis lauds the efforts of champion swimmer Riley Gaines to keep women’s sports for women… Dennis talks to Jill Simonian, creative director for PragerU Kids.

Dennis Prager 20230227 – 1 America First?

Should our national credo be America First? Does that mean America Only? Or do we have responsibility to other countries in the world? Dennis has thoughts. So do callers.

Dennis Prager 20230317 – 3 Open Lines

Dennis talks with Julie Hartman, of “Timeless” and “Dennis and Julie,” about how PragerU has changed her life. Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: we need to educate young people and why America is great; a guy I know has all this old audio equipment, can you enlighten him on what the components may be; your take on biblical animals and why God made animals violent against each other; I am under censorship at my job because they do not want anyone public political posting; what are your thoughts on animal sacrifice during biblical times.

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