Dennis Prager 20230302 – 2 Combating Woke Media

There is a split among conservatives as to whether we should be sending funds to Ukraine and supporting President Biden’s policies. Callers weigh in. Dennis talks to David Prager, Chief Development Officer for PragerU.

Dennis Prager 20230302 – 1 At Risk

Kids who identify as a different sex suffer more depression than their heterosexual peers, according to the CDC… Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins Medical School exposes ten major Covid myths. The damage these myths (lies) have wrought on our society (and the world) is untold…

Dennis Prager 20230301 – 3 Man/Woman of the Year

Chelsea Clinton wrote the introduction to a new book on female role models. This edition is on Rachel Levine, a transgender public health official in the Biden Administration. But, wait, Rachel Levine is not a woman… We’re trying to normalize the abnormal… The Vatican asks Catholics to give up fossil fuel for lent…

Dennis Prager 20230301 – 1 Lightfoot Kicked Out

Chicago voters pronounce their verdict on their current mayor, Lori Lightfoot. Thumbs down. But they’ll have a new chance to vote for another hardcore leftist. What will they do?… Dennis talks to Paiten Iselin, a PragerForce member in Reston, VA.

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