Dennis Prager 20230630 – 3 Pearl-Clutching

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The left is just beside itself with this week’s Supreme Court decisions, most of which leaned right. For the left the sky is always falling. If it’s not, who would pay attention to them?… With all our national troubles, there is much to be celebrate this Independence Day. The affirmative action, free speech, and school loan decisions are three good examples.

Dennis Prager 20230630 – 2 More Supreme

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… What did the Supreme Court do in the last week? It followed the Constitution. Imagine that. Mark continues to review an important week of Court decisions. And, yes, the left goes berserk in response.

Dennis Prager 20230630 – 1 Supreme

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Mark celebrates the victories conservatives have achieved through the Supreme Court. In just the last year, the reversal of Roe and Affirmative Action are major victories, almost unthinkable five years ago. Thank you, President Trump…

Dennis Prager 20230629 – 3 No Trade is Free

Dennis talks to Robert Lighthizer, a member of President Trump’s cabinet as the United States Trade Representative. His new book is No Trade Is Free: Changing Course, Taking on China, and Helping America’s Workers.

Dennis Prager 20230629 – 2 Overdue

Affirmative Action has caused much more harm than good. The Supreme Court has wisely ended it. Merit should be the only standard… The vote was 6-3, the three leftists on the court dissenting… How long before colleges dream up a new ways to get around this decision?…Dennis talks to Joseph Fornieri, professor of political science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He presents their new PragerU video and the latest installment in our Presidents series. “Franklin Pierce: A Torn President in a Torn Country.

Dennis Prager 20230629 – 1 End of Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court finally declares affirmative action, one of the most counter-productive policies of the last half-century, to be unconstitutional. The Left immediately moves to “the sky is falling” mode…

Dennis Prager 20230628 – 3 Man’s Search for Meaning

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… Julie analyzes a book that deeply influenced Dennis: Viktor Frankl’s classic text “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Frankl lived through the Holocaust and this experience shaped his life.

Dennis Prager 20230628 – 2 Political Everywhere

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… Everywhere we go, we are confronted with the political. There is no escape because the Left is all political, all the time… Are Republicans really banning books? Or is this another leftist lie?

Dennis Prager 20230628 – 1 Russia Now

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… Julie talks to Matthew Schmidt, foreign policy specialist with an emphasis on Russia… They discuss the aborted coup attempted last weekend and what it means for Putin and Russia.

Dennis Prager 20230627 – 2 Antagonists

Dennis doesn’t let compliments go to his head or insults to his heart. An emailer from Portugal explains how much Dennis has meant to his life… The only thing that bothers Dennis is when people lie about him… In addition to encouraging abortion, Planned Parenthood is involved in the sexualization of children.

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