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Dennis Prager 20230602 – 3 A Form of Protest

Bob Frantz sits in for Dennis. Thousands of works of street art and statues were created in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, nothing memorializes David Dorn, a 77-year-old retired police captain, was fatally shot after interrupting the burglary of a pawn shop in The Ville, St. Louis. Rushingbrook Children’s Choir was allegedly told to stop singing the national anthem at Statuary Hall in the US Capitol, but the reason they gave for stopping the performance is baffling.

Dennis Prager 20230602 – 2 Mr. Mom

Bob Frantz sits in for Dennis. Logan Brown, a pregnant transgender man, is on the cover of ‘Glamour’ magazine. ‘I do exist,’ he says — and so do others. A Bay Village priest faces backlash from a transgender Christian after he discusses LGBTQ controversy during Sunday sermon.

Dennis Prager 20230602 – 1 Kamala In Chief?!

Bob Frantz sits in for Dennis. Biden falls at US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony: ‘I got sandbagged!’ and White House elevates Kamala Harris amid concerns about a second Biden term. Bob discusses the Twitter “What Is A Woman” censorship controversy restricting access to Matt Walsh and the documentary.

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