Prager H1: Scholar of the Left

Prager H1: Dennis talks to David Horowitz, Founder and President of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Horowitz has started a new blog – newsrealblog.com. Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York City explains why Democrats true agenda is a single-payer health insurance system.

Prager H3: Power, Ambition, Glory

Prager H3: Steve Forbes, Publisher of Forbes Magazine. His new book is Power Ambition Glory: The Stunning Parallels between Great Leaders of the Ancient World and Today . . . and the Lessons You Can Learn. President Obama wrote an opinion piece on health care reform for the New York Times. Rather than clarifying his position, he further confused the issue. Singers of the National Anthem at baseball games should do it straight and not add elaborations.

Prager H1: Murder and Atonement

Prager H1: Ohio executed a murderer fourteen years after he committed his crime. Before going to his death, the murderer apologized to the surviving victims. Capital punishment allows a murderer the chance of repentance. The AMA and AARP have alienated many of their members by shilling for ObamaCare. Liberals boycott Whole Foods. The company’s CEO committed an unpardonable sin – he wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal arguing that private enterprise can do a better job providing health coverage than the government.

Prager H2: Why Did the Surge Work?

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Kimberly Kagan, President of the Institute for the Study of War. Her new book is The Surge. Reader’s Digest is going into Chapter 11. It was once the most popular publication in the country. And, it did a lot of good. President Obama’s popularity is sinking like a stone. Why?

Prager H1: We’ll Craft a System

Prager H1: In Grand Junction, Colorado the President tells his audience that he thinks he “can craft a system,” a health care public option, that will be tax-payer funded, but function privately. Wait a second. “Craft a system?” You mean you wanted Congress to pass a bill last month, but you had no idea how this system was supposed to operate? No wonder Americans are upset.

Prager H2: We’re All Corrupt

Prager H2: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t distinguish herself when she told a group of Nigerians that US elections aren’t much different than those in Nigeria. It’s one thing to apologize for historic bad behavior, it’s another thing to fabricate it? Should Michael Vick be allowed to play professional football again? Dennis thinks he should. Most of the callers disagree.

Prager H3: The Pre-Existing Problem

Prager H3: Is there a solution to the pre-existing condition problem? Dennis talks to John Cochrane, Professor of Financing at the University of Chicago who believes there is.

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