Prager 20110308-01 Amazon Showroom

Prager H1: Best Buy has had a tough year. Has Best Buy become a “showroom” for Amazon? Is it ethical to go to Best Buy or (any other brick and mortar store), shop for a TV (or anything else, for that matter), use the salesperson’s time and expertise, and then buy it from Amazon (or some other Internet store)?

Prager 20110308-02 Michael Reagan

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Michael Reagan, president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. The New Reagan Revolution: How Ronald Reagan’s Principles Can Restore America’s Greatness. A new Congressional report says that we need to convert the military from a meritocracy to a laboratory for Political Correctness.

Prager 20110307-01 Keep Talking Mike

Prager H1: Michael Moore fired up the public service unions in Wisconsin this weekend to which we say, the Moore, the better (pun intended). But even the NYT recognizes that Moore is on the losing side of the argument. Their Sunday editorial describes the way the public service unions have destroyed the state of New York. Given the Gray Lady’s love of all things Left, this editorial is a full-fledged shockeroo. Apparently, the facts overwhelmed them. They have not, however, overwhelmed Rachel Maddow.

Prager 20110307-02 I Believe Because I Want to Believe

Prager H2: To understand the Left, you have to understand that they believe what they choose to believe. Nothing shakes their faith. A good example can be found in yesterday’s LA Times: a cautionary tale about a “green” fantasy gone wrong. Dennis talks to Dick Morris, Fox News political analyst about his new book Revolt!: How to Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Programs.

Prager 20110307-03 Cameron’s Message

Prager H3: The PM of the UK, David Cameron, makes some common sense statements about how over regulation and intrusive unions get in the way of economic progress. Would that our own President subscribe to this view. The liberal media is convinced that all will turn out well with these Mideast revolutions, especially the ones in Tunisia and Egypt. But where is the evidence for their optimism? An immigrant from Viet Nam speaks about the tragedy of the Viet Nam war. Is Western Civilization in terminal decline?

Prager 20110304-02: Happiness Hour: Waiting for “X”

Prager H2: Dennis reminds that if you are waiting around for “X” to happen, in order to be happy. then you are wasting your time. Life is short. Be happy. If not now. when?! Callers share their experiences.

Prager 20110304-03: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: a challenge that the philosophy on the Left is based on feelings; do you think teen dating is destructive; a woman had her car keyed and Dennis’ bumper sticker ripped off her car and wants to know if she should put a new one on; what would your last meal be; and is college still a good idea for your kids?

Prager 20110304-01: Northwestern Exposure

Prager H1: A Northwestern University professor held a bonus course after his popular sexuality, class called “Networking for Kinky People,” which included a sex act. He takes full responsibility for it, but admits he had no good reason for conducting it. Dennis says that the real issue here isn’t the controversy. it’s human dignity. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) compares Republicans to Hitler and Stalin for being anti-union. Dennis notes that the Left uses the Hitler comparison much more often than the Right.

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