Prager 20110304-01: Northwestern Exposure

Prager H1: A Northwestern University professor held a bonus course after his popular sexuality, class called “Networking for Kinky People,” which included a sex act. He takes full responsibility for it, but admits he had no good reason for conducting it. Dennis says that the real issue here isn’t the controversy. it’s human dignity. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) compares Republicans to Hitler and Stalin for being anti-union. Dennis notes that the Left uses the Hitler comparison much more often than the Right.

Prager 20110304-02: Happiness Hour: Waiting for “X”

Prager H2: Dennis reminds that if you are waiting around for “X” to happen, in order to be happy. then you are wasting your time. Life is short. Be happy. If not now. when?! Callers share their experiences.

Prager 20110304-03: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: a challenge that the philosophy on the Left is based on feelings; do you think teen dating is destructive; a woman had her car keyed and Dennis’ bumper sticker ripped off her car and wants to know if she should put a new one on; what would your last meal be; and is college still a good idea for your kids?

Prager 20110303-01 Self-Compassion

Prager H1: Are we too tough on ourselves? That’s what a new study contends. But don’t you have to be tough on yourself to improve yourself?

Prager 20110303-02 New Ideas

Prager H2: Have there been any new ideas about living a better life?.. Dennis talks to Paul Sperry, veteran financial reporter who has written for the NY Post, Wall Street Journal and many other publications. He’s also a media fellow with the Hoover Institution. His new book is The Great American Bank Robbery: The Unauthorized Report About What Really Caused the Great Recession.

Prager 20110303-03 Whither Wisconsin

Prager H3: Dennis talks to popular talk show host on WTMJ Radio, Milwaukee about the crisis in Wisconsin. Why are a million people following Charlie Sheen on Twitter?.. Dennis reviews a speech in 1985 by late Jeanne Kirkpatrick, this week’s Imprimis segment. Daniel Henninger, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, just got back from Viet Nam. He and Dennis compare notes.

Prager 20110302 – 01 Fighting Evil

Prager H1: A leading Yemeni cleric calls for the overthrow of the government and the establishment of an Islamist state. Good people may start revolutions; bad people often take them over. The only Christian minister in the Pakistani cabinet was murdered today. Two American servicemen were murdered in Germany by a Kosovo national. Since Kosovo is 90% Muslim, it is likely that this was an act of terror.

Prager 20110302 – 03 Frankfurt Terror Attack

Prager H3: Two Americans have been murdered, two wounded in Frankfurt, Germany. Early reports suggest that the killer shouted “Allah hu Akhbar” while he fired his gun. A teenager wins the right to wear a t-shirt critical of homosexuality. Dennis is against themed t-shirts at high schools – period. Christians are being persecuted in Muslim countries. Do Christians care?.. If you’re on the Right and you’re effective, like the Koch brothers, you will be demonized by the media.

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