Prager H3: Ultimate Issues: Politics According to the Bible

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona. His new book is Politics – According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture.

Prager H1: Near Terror Weekend

Prager H1: We dodged another terror bullet this weekend. A Christian Church in Iraq was the scene of a bloodbath. Dennis talks to Ruth McClung, Dr. Rob Steele and Carly Fiorina as they rush toward the finish lines of their elections. None of these people have held public office. They are citizen candidates. One is a rocket scientist, one is a cardiologist and one is a successful business woman. They are typical of the Republican candidate team this year.

Prager H2: Mr. Big

Prager H2: Big business is not a friend of conservatives, but big business is not the enemy either, as the Democrats portray them. Big business is concerned with making profits. They will support whomever they think can promote their interests. Dennis takes a position against the proposition to legalize marijuana in California. Dennis talks to John Willoughby, candidate for Congress in Hawaii. Willoughby, Charles Djou, also a candidate for Congress and Cam Cavasso, candidate for Senate, all spoke to a large Prager Group meeting in Honolulu.

Prager H3: The President’s Enemies List

Prager H3: Richard Nixon had an enemies list and was called a “fascist” for it. Barack Obama told Hispanic listeners to a radio to punish their enemies (presumably Republicans) and no one blinks. Dennis talks to Joe Miller, Republican candidate for Senate in Alaska. He’s involved in a brutal three way race. His main opponent is sour-grapes primary loser, Lisa Murkowski, but the real threat to his campaign has been an absurdly biased media. Dennis castigates the American Lung Association for campaigning against Prop 23 in California, propagating obvious untruths for their “cause.”

Prager H1: Grasping Reality

Prager H1: Two of the country’s best reporters, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, see Obama’s agenda failing because he was too centrist and not progressive enough. Not Left enough?.. Dennis talks to Meg Whitman. The latest poll rates her race with Jerry Brown a toss up… Hispanics are more divided on illegal immigration than you might suspect, according to a new poll… John Kerry thinks that the American people are know-nothing simpletons.

Prager H3: Michael Barone and Open Lines

Prager H3: Dennis talks to renowned political analyst, Michael Barone, about the upcoming election. Issues raised by callers include: should people be excluded from buying insurance because of pre-existing conditions; are there people with psychic ability; would Dennis go on Jon Stewart’s show. .. Dennis talks again to Colonel Mike Prendergast, running for Congress in Florida. We could use his discipline in Washington.

Prager H1: Getting Out of Your Way

Prager H1: Conservatives want to get of your way. Liberals would prefer to control as much as your life as they can… Dennis talks to Tom Lewis, national spokesman for CURE International, a medical charity that provides surgical care to children in the developing world… Dennis talks to Peter Corrigan, Ohio Republican congressional candidate running against Leftist Democrat, Dennis Kucinich. Corrigan has a real chance of winning.

Prager H2: Left and Right Divide

Prager H2: Dennis continues to develop, with the help of callers, his theme that there are clear distinctions between the Left and Right… Who is more dangerous to society — big government or big business? No corporation has ever built a concentration camp… Dennis talks again to Tom Lewis of CURE International.

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