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Prager H3: 26 and Still on the Umbilical Cord

Prager H3: ObamaCare extends health care for kids until they are 26 – a perfect example of how the Left infantilizes citizens. Callers vent their feelings about “Black Sunday.”

Prager H1: With a Straight Face?!

Prager H1: President Obama said today: “I don’t believe we should give government .more control over healthcare in America.” and Dennis wonders how he can say things like this with a straight face. Senator James Inhofe joins the healthcare discussion on this final day before the big weekend vote.

Prager H3: Open Lines

Prager H3: Dennis is joined by Congressman David Dreier to discuss healthcare reform one last time before the weekend. Then per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues include: how do I tell my 13 year old that I have breast cancer; why do most Jews vote democrat; does Judaism believe in an afterlife; can a homosexual change; how do I answer the question: “How can you be pro-life and against Obamacare?”

Prager H1: A Win is a Loss

Prager H1: Even if healthcare reform passes it is a loss for the left because of the awakening this process has created on the right.

Prager H2: Nuns and Abortion

Prager H2: The discussion on healthcare reform continues, as Dennis joined by Michael Barone.

Prager H3: Everyone Benefits?

Prager H3: Is it right if you belong to a club where everyone gets the benefits, but only half the members pay dues? Dennis debates with callers and briefly interviews Senator Lamar Alexander.

Prager H1: Damage Control

Prager H1: Dennis has concluded that even if healthcare reform passes, the greater issue is the potentially irreparable damage the left is doing to this unique American experiment by expanding the government. He is also joined by John Fund who does not believe the democrats have the votes necessary to pass the bill.

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