Prager 20110622 – 1 Holy Smokes

Prager H1: The FDA forces tobacco companies to put horror photos on cigarette packs. Following this logic, why not photos on liquor bottles?

Prager 20110621 – 1 Texas Soars

Prager H1: Texas has become the most dynamic economy in the country of the last decade, reports the USAToday. What USAToday fails to report is the reason – low taxes, low government regulation… Dennis tries to unravel a bizarre burka story out of Australia… Dennis talks to Neal Polan, co-founder with Linda Mikyska, of special kit to celebrate the 4th of July… The Supreme Court ruled unanimously against a law suit accusing Wal-Mart of discriminating against women…

Prager 20110620 – 3 Murder in Long Island

Prager H3: A man walked into a Long Island drug store and murdered four people. His image was caught on videotape. If he turns out to be the murderer, he can still look forward to a long life and probably parole at some such future date. And the anti-capital punishment crowd is compassionate? The victims will always be dead… Canadians are still traumatized by what happened in Vancouver after the Stanley Cup… The thug who leads Syria claims that he’s now ready to make reforms; this after he calls those who oppose his rule “germs.”

Prager 20110620 – 2 Change

Prager H2: What is better today as a result of changes made by government?.. Dennis talks to economist and prolific author Thomas Woods. His new book is Rollback: Repealing Big Government before the Coming Fiscal Collapse.

Prager 20110620 – 1 Victatorian

Prager H1: Dennis’s son went to the graduation of a friend. After a long, dramatic pause the valedictorian announced that he was gay. So what? And how about the valedictorian speaking for his class, not about himself?… John Stewart doesn’t think the NY Times has a liberal bias… NBC omitted God from the “The Pledge of Allegiance” at the opening of the US Open… Liberals think it’s bigoted to ask people to show an ID to vote…

Prager 20110617 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what is the biggest human nature issue that women have to overcome; should every high school grad go to college; how do you deal with a father who is a liar; Allen and Dennis do a honey tasting.

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