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Prager H3: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Is it ethical to pay a parking ticket in pennies; did God create evil; how do you deal with a close friend with whom you have opposite political views; what do you deal when you find yourself on a boring date.

Prager H1: Climate Change

Prager H1: Dennis reads a snide email from a listener who says that Dennis should call Global Warming “Climate Change.” But isn’t it the warming of the planet what the Al Gore crowd is panicked about? So what does Climate Change mean? Dennis talks to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. They’re debating the question of male infidelity over the next two weeks in Los Angeles and New York. In Massachusetts, a teacher is suing the city of Lowell because she was fired for not being able to speak comprehensible English.

Prager H2: Don’t Tread on Me

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Carol Gould, novelist, playwright and prominent political commentator in the UK. An expat, she’s been living in Europe for three decades. Her new book is Don’t Tread on Me: Anti-Americanism Abroad.

Prager H3: Standing in the Way of Chaos

Prager H3: The United States is the thin red, white and blue line between enlightened order and chaos. We have billions of barrels and oil and trillions of feet of natural gas right here in the USA, but the Obama administration is blocking efforts to get to them. Mike Malloy, “progressive” talk radio show host, believes that unknown “right wing forces” were behind the Christmas Terror plot.

Prager H1: Leftism as Religion

Prager H1: Senators Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota will not run for re-election in the fall. They have both been badly damaged by ObamaCare and the administrations policies. Why are Democrats falling on their swords to pass unpopular policies?.. Dennis talks to Jeff Jacoby, columnist for the Boston Globe, about the reasons why the Mayo Clinic is abandoning Medicare patients. The 9th circuit rules that imprisoned felons have the right to vote.

Prager H2: Male/Female Hour: Bedtime

Prager H2: Is it important for couples to go to bed at the same time? What do you do if you are morning person and your spouse is a night owl?

Prager H3: Voting in Prison

Prager H3: If you’re a convicted felon serving time, you can now vote for the candidates and issues of your choice just like any other citizen, thanks to a new decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. They justified their decision based on undefined institutional racism. This is liberal thinking at its most twisted. During the Presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised a least eight times to televise health care negotiations. But Nancy Pelosi has the answer: it was just campaign rhetoric and no one really believes that, do they?

Prager H3: Ultimate Issues: Lessons Learned

Prager H3: We’re supposed to get wiser as we get older, so what have you learned? What do you know today that you didn’t know twenty years ago? What has surprised you?

Prager H1: Poverty Does Not Cause Crime

Prager H1: Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute wonders why, if poverty causes crime, crime has plummeted during this recession. What the Left doesn’t seem able to grasp is that bad values cause crime. This is as true in Dubai as it is in Detroit. Dennis talks to Brian Darling, Director of US Senate Relations for the Heritage Foundation, about the closed door ObamaCare negotiations between Democrat House and Senate leaders. Republicans and C-SPAN are being shut out. So much for Obama’s promises of transparency.

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