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Prager H1: Hoisted on Own Petard

Prager H1: Two prominent members of the black caucus are being tried on ethics charges — Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters. Several others are under investigation. Could racism be behind this? Jim Clyburn, the Democratic Majority Whip, thinks so… If you’re against a mosque at Ground Zero, you’re an intolerant Islamophobe. Just ask the enlightened liberal Mayor of NYC or Tom Friedman of the NY Times.

Prager H1: Ground Zero Mosque

Prager H1: Mark Taylor guest hosts for Dennis… The last hurdles seem to be cleared for the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. Can it be stopped? Should it be stopped?

Prager H2: Clear the Swamp

Prager H2: Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel and Congresswoman Maxine Waters have been charged with serious ethics violations. Is it a racial issue? But how can it be? We have a black President and a Democrat Congress. This doesn’t faze Majority Whip, James Clyburn. The Tea Party is behind it all.. Does Elena Kagan have the qualifications to sit on the Supreme Court?

Prager H3: The Last Stand

Prager H3: Mark talks to Nathaniel Philbrick, historian. His new book is The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Prager H1: Happy Birthday

Prager H1: Dennis celebrates a birthday. Wall Street Journal celebrates the Boy Scouts 100th anniversary with an editorial praising this fine and important organization. Think the NY or LA Times did the same? How about the hour special on CBS, ABC, or NBC honoring the Scouts? Did you see it?… President Obama says that anyone who wants to “make a name for himself” comes out against “immigration.” Who is against immigration? No one. The issue is illegal immigration, Mr. President, and you know it.

Prager H2: Waving the Mexican Flag

Prager H2: Two fools ran onto CitiField in New York, waving the Mexican flag to protest Arizona’s illegal immigration law. Dennis tries to deconstruct their twisted thinking. Dennis talks to Devin Nunes, Republican Congressman from the 21st District of California. The Congressman has developed a sensible plan to expand our energy production.

Prager H3: Your Toughest Birthday

Prager H3: Dennis reflects on his birthday. He asks listeners what they consider their toughest one. Chelsea Clinton got married this weekend. Dennis has some thoughts on its cost, interfaith marriage, and celebrity worship.

Prager H1: Den and Hef

Prager H1: There’s a fawning new documentary on Hugh Hefner.
Dennis is part of the documentary and his role is featured in a Washington Post review. Why the reviewer refers to Dennis is very telling. Joy Behar asks President Obama why, with all his “accomplishments,” he has allowed the Right to “hijack the narrative.” To Behar nobody seems to be defending the President. The University of Illinois fired a religious studies instructor who defended the Catholic position on homosexuality. They said he violated the University’s policy of “inclusivity.” Another college in Illinois canceled a planned appearance by Karl Rove. They gave a weak cheese excuse, but the real reason is painfully obvious. Southern cities are vying for the trial lawyer “Olympics.” What city is going to host Gulf Oil Spill law suits?

Prager H2: Happiness Hour: Narcissism Revisited

Prager H2: Dennis and Dr. Stephen Marmer, member of the clinical faculty of the UCLA medical school and practicing psychiatrist in Brentwood, CA revisit a key issue to your happiness – narcissism.

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