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Prager H1: A Sad Announcement

Prager H1: Dennis’s mother, Hilda, passed away over the weekend… Mark Taylor guest hosts for Dennis… Mark examines President Obama’s five appearances on the Sunday interview shows… When is a tax not a tax?

Prager H2: Do We Really Have a Right to Health Care?

Prager H2: The Democrats keep saying that good health care is the right of every citizen. You have the right to take my money (through taxes) to pay for your health care? Is that in the Constitution?.. A coalition of Democratic activist and labor groups have new plans to intimidate insurance companies. This must be the new civility the President is talking about.

Prager H3: Rotten ACORN

Prager H3: The CEO of ACORN refuses to open the organization’s books to public inspection. Congress should force them to… President Obama is anxious to dismantle our nuclear arsenal. Too bad none of our enemies are willing to do the same with their arsenals.

Prager H1: The Haters

Prager H1: Howard Dean was on Keith Olbermann’s show last night accusing the talk radio hosts of spreading hatred and being unpatriotic. He only provides one specific example, but that turns out to be a fraud. Nancy Pelosi is worried about violent rhetoric from the right leading to violence. Remember when she showed the same concern for the violent rhetoric directed at President Bush. San Francisco wants to a new tax on stores that sell soda. Yes, soda is the new tobacco.

Prager H2: Happiness Hour: Happiness and High School Students

Prager H2: Dennis spoke at a high school a few months ago. A student who was at the talk wrote an angry letter to the school paper. She didn’t like the idea that Dennis had the nerve to say acting happy is a moral obligation.

Prager H3: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how about giving every citizen a $1M to buy health care insurance for their entire lives; has modern art contributed to the decline of our society; why can’t the federal government manage health care and make it self-sustaining. Dennis discusses the meaning behind the Jewish New Year. It starts tonight.

Prager H2: The Man Who Saved a Billion People

Prager H2: Very few people knew his name, but he saved a billion people. Dennis acknowledges his achievement. Environmentalists rarely consider the consequences to their policies. Getting 20% of our energy from wind and sun will blight the landscape. Nuclear Power would cause no such damage, but environmentalists oppose it. Max Baucus, the Montana Senator in charge of crafting ObamaCare, admits that his legislation is monumental, complex and will change American life. But that’s okay; his intentions are good.

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