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Prager H3: Luck and Longevity

Prager H3: If your parents live a long life, it gives you a chance to resolve issues with them. If a parent dies young, those issues are often not resolved. Dennis reflects on this difficult aspect of life. Callers weigh in.

Prager H1: Rush to Judgment

Prager H1: MSNBC has sunk to a new low. To prevent radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, from buying into an NFL team, they are spreading scurrilous lies about him. This says a lot about this network and about the Left.

Prager H3: Crippling Devices

Prager H3: There are many repercussions to ObamaCare, most of which are going unnoticed. Dennis draws attention to a specific industry – life-saving medical devices – which will be crippled by this bill. Dennis talks to Arizona Senator John Kyl about the future of the health care bills in the House and Senate.

Prager H2: Don’t Drill Here, Don’t Drill There

Prager H2: We could become energy dependent relatively quickly. We have a lot of oil right here in the USA, but the greens won’t let us get it. Now they have a sympathetic administration… Maine senator, Olympia Snowe, votes for the Senate Finance Committee Heath Care Bill, the only Republican to do so… Russia’s Foreign Minister told Hillary Clinton that Russia isn’t interested in imposing sanctions on Iran… Neal Gabler, entertainment writer, is tired of hearing people talk about great America is. We’re no better than China, Russia or France.

Prager H1: 1492

Prager H1: That’s the year Columbus discovered America. Once we celebrated this fact; now we are embarrassed by it. At one school, fourth graders put the explorer on trial. And convicted him. A Cub Scout is going to the slam. He brought a Swiss army utility knife to school.

Prager H2: California Cautionary Tale

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Joel Kotkin, Forbes columnist, about the sad state of the State of California. The President tells gay rights group that he will drop the US military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Did he ask the generals?

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