Prager H3: The Party of Hatred

Prager H3: Howard Dean says the Republican Party is the party of hatred. Dan Harris of Good Morning, America conflates the Koran burning reverend and Sarah Palin. The creator of the Daily Kos asserts that conservatives are anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-education among his litany of charges. Who are the haters again? Those on the Left or the Right?.. Dennis reflects on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year which begins tonight.

Prager H2: Dangerous Time

Prager H2: Time reached a new low last week with its cover, an ugly insult to Israel. The news magazine is contributing to the delegitimizing of this Democratic nation, a very dangerous trend. Dennis talks to Mitchell Bard, prolific author, and highly regarded expert on Mideast politics and Israel US relations. His new book is The Arab Lobby: The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America’s Interests in the Middle East. Dennis returns to the President’s Labor Day speech.

Prager H3: The Ultimate Issues Hour: Fundamental Difference

Prager H3: To be on the Left is to imagine a utopian future – no poverty, no greed, no racism, and so on. To be on the Right is to have the opposite view. Those on the Right imagine how much worse things can be. This is the fundamental difference between two views of the world.

Prager H1: Gratuitous Hatred

Prager H1: What drives this publicity hungry reverend in Florida who plans to publicly burn the Koran at his church? Yes, he can do it legally. But is it right? Of course not. Morality often trumps legality in judging what is right and what is wrong. President Obama spoke to a union audience in Milwaukee yesterday. He wants everyone to be guaranteed a job, healthcare and a college education. If these things are guaranteed by government, then why work hard to get them?

Prager H1: The Donald

Prager H1: Donald Trump was on David Letterman last night. Like most New Yorkers, Trump is against the mosque at GZ. Letterman, of course, is for it. The New York Times is flipping out. Every day they write a shrill editorial about how much they dislike the way their liberal agenda is being thwarted. Today’s topic: the GZ mosque. College votes are up for grabs this election, a sharp change from just two years ago. A German economics professor has a clear view of the American national character and sees danger if we attempt to change it.

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