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Prager H1: Fired for Chasing Thief

Prager H1: Wal-Mart fired an employee for chasing after a thief. Fear of lawsuits humbles even mighty Wal-Mart. Dennis chats with fellow talk show host Mike Gallagher in town to see the Angel/Yankee game. One of the topics raised leads a discussion of the value of animal life versus the value of human life.

Prager H1: Young Muslims Shocked by Muslim Terror

Prager H1: Islamic Radicals attacked the leading university in Pakistan, killing six. Students are shocked that they would be the victims of a terror attack. Dennis talks to Dr. Hal Scherz, pediatric specialist in Atlanta, GA and founder of a doctors’ group that opposes ObamaCare. A South Carolina Republican gets himself in trouble when he describes Jews as thrifty. Democrats manipulate his remark for their own political gain.

Prager H3: Dennis v. Tomasky

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Michael Tomasky, editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, American correspondent for The Guardian and frequent contributor to the NY Review of Books.

Prager H1: The Fifteen Hundred

Prager H1: The latest version of the Senate Health Care bill weighs in at a hefty 1502 pages with over 6000 sections. UK PM Gordon Brown is a Global Warming true believer. He gives the world 50 days to save itself.

Prager H2: Perspective and Reality

Prager H2: The way in which Dodgers and Phillies fans react to yesterday’s bottom of the ninth come from behind victory by Phillies says a lot about perspective. Phillies fans say the Phillies won it; Dodger fans says Dodgers gave it away. Arctic ice is thicker than expected, according to a new report. The cost of government programs is always higher than budgeted. ObamaCare will be no exception.

Prager H1: Fox in the Hen House

Prager H1: The White House has stirred up a feud with Fox News. They look foolish in doing so. Guess it’s not enough for liberals to have all the major news outlets and the universities at their beck and call, they want talk radio and Fox on their side, too… Dennis talks to John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary Magazine, about the Fox News controversy.

Prager H2: My Favorite Philosopher

Prager H2: Anita Dunn, the White House Communications Director, the one who started the Fox News feud, told a graduating class of high school students that Mao is one her favorite philosophers. One of her favorite philosophers? He didn’t have a philosophy. He was a power mad mass murderer and a serial rapist? The director’s view of Mao is a perfect example of liberal naiveté and ignorance about evil.

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