Prager H3: Elementary, My Dear Watson

Prager H3: The IBM computer, Watson, beat two Jeopardy champions in a Jeopardy showdown. Is this significant? Or much ado about not much?.. Dennis talks to Conor Friedersdorf. founding editor of The Best of Journalism and blogger for The Atlantic about right wing talk radio.

Prager H3: Budget Bloat

Prager H3: Dennis talks to David Malpass, deputy assistant Treasury secretary in the Reagan administration, and a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine, about budget bloat and its consequences. Dennis returns to the story about the sexual assault on CBS reporter in Cairo. A US Drug Agent is murdered and another wounded in Mexico. The consequences of Mexico becoming a narco state are very serious.

Prager H1: Attack Ideas, Not Motives

Prager H1: Republicans make a big mistake when they attack the motives of Democrats. Republicans should take on Democrats’ ideas and leave motives out of the discussion. A female CBS reporter was sexually assaulted in Cairo while covering the protests there. Why did CBS initially repress the story?

Prager H1: Wrong Again?

Prager H1: Thirty years ago, liberals predicted a glorious new dawn of freedom following the Iranian Revolution. They were wrong. Are they wrong again about Egypt?.. A major league pitcher refuses to take millions owed to him in his contract. He didn’t earn it, so he doesn’t want it.

Prager H2: Fiscal Discipline

Prager H2: This year’s budget was a chance for the President to lead on deficit reduction. Instead, he’s increasing the deficit. The UK releases a terrorist implicated in the murders of 52 Britons after five years in prison… Dennis talks to Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania senator and now senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center about Egypt and the budget. Nancy Pelosi’s “green initiative” for the Congressional dining room didn’t help anybody. It’s a perfect case study of Leftist feel-goodism. Democrats want to ban smokeless tobacco in baseball.

Prager H1: Back in the USA

Prager H1: Dennis returns from his two week listener cruise with thoughts on travel and the evils of communism. What are the chances of a good outcome in Egypt?

Prager H2: Pessimistic about Egypt

Prager H2: Dennis continues to discuss possible futures for Egypt. The Liberal media is full of optimism toward that country’s democratic future; Dennis doesn’t share their sunny view.

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