Prager H3: Freedom Fighters

Prager H3: We must celebrate our veterans. We owe them a profound debt – our freedom. A Kansas State University nutritionist lost 27 pounds in two months eating junk food. More surprising, his body fat declined and his good cholesterol improved.

Prager H1: Jerusalem in Jakarta

Prager H1: President Obama criticized Israel for building new apartments in Jerusalem. Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, had some sharp words in response. So does Dennis. The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, a conservative, has a clear view of Israel and its place in the world. Dennis talks to Daveed Gartenstein-Ross of the Foundation for Defense of Democracy about the failed printer bomb plot.

Prager H2: Male/Female Hour: Resisting Nature

Prager H2: Husbands need to be able to express their sexual natures to their spouses, but, on the other hand, the husband must reassure his spouse that he will not act on that nature.

Prager H3: Where the Money Is

Prager H3: The number of $150K jobs in government has doubled under the Obama administration. Sarah Palin praised Dennis in a recent speech. Should you call doctors by their first name?.. ABC News has taken a hard turn left over the last few years. An “expose” about atheist ministers is just one example.

Prager H3: Ultimate Issues Hour: Wishful Thinking and the Liberal Mind

Prager H3: Dennis argued in a recent column in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles that the normative Jewish view is that people are not basically good. The journal’s liberal leadership took great offense. Dennis explains why and in doing so exposes a truth about the liberal mind.

Prager H1: Straw Men

Prager H1: The Left creates “Straw Man” arguments that it attributes to conservatives (arguments conservative never offer) and then knocks down those arguments. This is what passes as high intellectual thought. The issue of same sex marriage is a perfect example. A barber in Vermont declines to cut a black man’s hair. He claims that he’s not good at it. Is that racism?.. Dennis talks to Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma about earmarks. They have to be ended, but not in the way commonly believed.

Prager H2: Racism or Good Deed?

Prager H2: Dennis resumes the discussion on the question as to whether a barber in Vermont committed an act of kindness or racism. Who was behind the “Printer Bomb” plot last week and how close did they come to success?… GW defends waterboarding to the Times of London.

Prager H1: Mandate

Prager H1: Dennis talks to Michael Barone of the Washington Examiner about what the numbers from last Tuesday’s election mean. California has becoming a national joke, the Lindsay Lohan of states, once promising, now pathetic.

Prager H2: Monster

Prager H2: The monster who murdered a family Connecticut was given the death penalty today. Opposition to the death penalty, thought to be so enlightened, is actually a heartless belief that ignores the true horror of the crime.

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